I. Registration and borrowing:

1) Borrowing books requires an annual subscription to the library.
2) Registration is open to teachers, researchers and students of Paris ISESH.
3) Make sure you bring your IESH card and a security deposit of 20 € (refundable at the end of the year on request).
4) All the books are open access.
5) You have the right to borrow two books and two magazines for the duration of one to two weeks, renewable if your documents are not returned late or reserved.
6) In the books of many volumes you have the right to borrow one book of several volumes.
7) Some documents are excluded from loan:

  • a. Manuscript.
  • b. Books were a single copy.
  • c. Theses, memoirs and articles.
  • d. Dictionaries and encyclopedia.

II. Extend a loan:

A loan may be extended only before the scheduled return date.

III. Book (s) lost (s) or damaged (s).

It must be replaced provided that it is of the same edition and date back twice the price of the document.
Warning: Volume 1 of the series of 12 volumes must be replaced or refunded the price of 12 volumes) plus an additional management.

IV. Sanction:

Any discount document(s) beyond the date of return result in the payment of € 1 per day of delay and every book borrowed a book loan automatically ban a week to a day late.